Grace's Report Card


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Grace continues to be a friendly and cooperative member of our class. She interacts well with others in the class and has developed some friendships. Grace seems to listen well in grroup discussions and is always encouraged to share her ideas. Grace thinks she is good at "drawing" and wants to get better at "glueing".

Grace is making some progress academically and is meeting the widely held expectations for children her age. She is an independent reader and needs to continue daily oral reading practice to improve her fluency. Next term we will continue to build the automatic words Grace can read and write, and focus on reading for meaning and comprehension. Your support for our home reading program is appreciated and important for Grace's continued growth as a reader.
Grace's writing skills have improved this term. When writing,she attempts to spell unknown words the way she hears them, she leaves spaces between words, and she is able to write simple sentences. Grace is beginning to use simple punctuation such as capitals and periods and she will continue to work on this area next term.

Grace is meeting the widely held expectations in Math. Grace appears to enjoy working with numbers and can recognize and write numbers to 100. She is able to compute simple addition and subtraction equations. She can use a simple ruler and measure to the nearest centimeter, and she has been introduced to verbal problem solving skills.

Grace is meeting the widely held expectations in Science and Socials. She is able to do simple experiments and has a good understanding of family and its needs.

Grace is a quiet participant in our gym activities and is able to follow instructions and directions.
At home you can support Grace's learning by continuing to participate in the class home reading program and by practicing the new automatic (sight) words we are learning together.



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